On the needles: 9 May

It’s a grey morning here in Shanghai. At least from the low pollution levels it looks like it’s mostly just fog. It really is nice to be able to leave behind the crazy pollution of Beijing! 🙂

In any case, I have finally managed to get some knitting done and already feel much saner!

The Albania Fan Scarf

So, uh, yeah… my gauge was off in its proportions so the eagle started coming out all stretched! 😦


So I ripped it out to the tip of the tail, re-did the chart with the new gauge and am now furiously working on it, as I have also realised how urgently I need to finish this thing!!

Here’s this morning’s progress – I’m hoping to get back to the neck of the eagle (see above) by end of today, though that might be a stretch…


KAS items

So aside from the two bunnies that I finished last week, I also had an uglier bunny finished up. I had made the body on the little “knitting machine” I had bought online – and then ran out of yarn for the arms so all I could do was “arm dimples… *sigh*


I also finished two more squares – though nothing spectacular there…

IMG_0208  IMG_0212

And started a third square during our weekly meetup yesterday, mainly to see how much yarn I would need to buy for the blanket I plan to do out of these squares. I’ll use the same yarn, but just with different colors…


And just for me…

So I have had this yarn in my shopping cart forever and finally, after the mess that was last week, I decided to treat myself. It was actually meant more as a test buy – I had no idea what I was getting, but I really was not disappointed… Look at this gorgeous!!FullSizeRender copy

It is soooooo soft (merino superwash)!!! I really love how the color is textured, so I decided to make myself another shawl (or possibly gift it to my mom eventually). I got started a little but thanks to Eurocup scarf going wrong, I will probably have to put this on the back burner for a while…


This is the pattern: Zilver


That is all for now. I also have a lot of cleaning and unpacking to do, so it will still be a busy week…
What are you working on this week? 

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