Ok, so we have moved to the new apartment, but we are also having it repainted completely (so we are sleeping on the sofa these days…).

Let’s just say, I haven’t even had time to THINK about knitting. In fact, my yarn is packed away for now. But since my feet are killing me right now, I figured I could at least check in real quick…

So first of, let me share with you the mess that is my house right now…


Everything is squished into the living room and dining area, because the painters are working on the two bedrooms. Tomorrow we will do a switcheroo, so I will have a bed, but no sofa… lol

But at least my succulents are safe:


They are still in the boxes, because they will be coming to the bedroom with us tomorrow night. Once the painting is done, they will get to come out of their boxes and get their permanent spots.

Oh, and here is the reason we love this place so much (ok, among many reasons, I guess). May I present to you – my knitting nook:


This is the view when sitting on the little sofa:


Isn’t it gorgeous?

Ok, seriously now. I will probably be a little quite in the next week or so. So much to do!! But once we have normalized a bit here, I will be back to actually writing about and playing with yarn… 😉




  1. Beautiful view. I’m inspired to create a knitting nook.


  2. Yes, it is –gasp–gorgeous! Especially the knitting nook 🙂


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