The Bunny Couple

So, time has been getting away from me, and I have not gotten around to put together the next Stringspiration post. But, instead I spent some time playing with my yarn and finished up the bunnies I was working on for Knit a Square. To be honest, I felt a little guilty I didn’t have anything to bring to our weekly meet up last week (not even one lousy square), so I figured, I better get on it (even though I likely won’t make it this week, since we will be moving in to our new apartment!).

Luckily, since I was making two bunnies, I happened to be writing down what I was doing so that I may repeat it. So to make up for the lack of Stringspiration this week, how about I give you my knitting notes/ almost pattern for these bunnies?

Just one note: I am not a designer, so while there are a little bit more detailed notes here, I would not call it a full-blown pattern. Also, just so you know, while I came up with the specifics of the pattern on my own, the inspiration came from the Loom Comfort Doll featured on the KAS website. So that was two notes… whatever… Here we go:


  • Sock yarn (or similar weight) in at least 2-3 matching colors (I used an acrylic baby yarn here)
  • Sock needles
  • Tapestry needle
  • Stuffing



  • 14 sts over 5cm in stockinette (in the round)

The gauge is not actually that important. You could theoretically use any yarn and needles, just as long it produces a decently dense fabric so that the stuffing won’t poke through.

However: If you do use different gauge, your measurements will vary (since I did NOT count rows) so you need to eyeball the measurements (it’s not that difficult – how do you think I came up with this? ^^).



The body and head are one piece and are worked from the bottom up.

  • CO 40 sts (ideally leave a longer cast on tail to use later on to close the bottom, stitch the leg separation and attach the tail!)
  • k in the round in stockinette stitch until the piece measures approx. 12cm
  • Neck shaping: k2tog all the way around [20 sts]
  • k2tog all the way around [10 sts] (this row is optional and will produce a thinner neck – see photo below for comparison of the 2 different neck types)
  • k one round
  • k1, M1 all the way around [20 sts] (only do this if you did the second decrease round for the thinner neck earlier. Otherwise ignore this step!)
  • k1, M1 all the way around [40 sts]
  • k all until piece measures approx. 18cm
  • k2tog all the way around [20 sts]
  • k2tog all the way around [10 sts]
  • k2tog all the way around [5 sts]
  • Clip yarn and pull through all 5 sts. Pull tight.

Your piece should look something like this (ideally with a longer tail than you see here!)


Here you can clearly see the difference between the two neck decreases!

BUNNY EARS (need 2)

  • CO 8 sts (I used the knitted cast on here for a slightly tighter edge. Remember to leave a bit of a tail to attach the ear with.)
  • k flat in garter sts until piece measures approx. 6cm
  • k2tog, k until end of round in every round until 4 sts remain
  • Bind off
  • Sew in the tail on the bind off edge. If you have any wonky corners you can use this tail to also pull in some of the protruding bumps to give it a bit more of a rounded edge.

Notice the wonky corners on the top of the ears


After sewing in the ends on the top and using them to pull in some of the more stubborn corners, the shape looks much better.

ARMS (need 2)

  • CO 16 sts (leave a bit of a tail to attach the arms later)
  • k in the round in stockinette until piece measures approx. 4cm
  • k1, ssk, k2, k2tog, k2, ssk, k2, k2tog, k1 [12 sts]
  • k1, ssk, k2tog, k2, ssk, k2tog, k1 [8 sts]
  • k2tog 4 times [4 sts]
  • Clip the yarn and pull it through the remaining sts.
  • Weave in the end.

Sorry, didn’t think to take a picture of only the arms!


  • Make a small pom-pom by wrapping the yarn around 2 fingers and tying the middle. Then snipping the loops. Trim.

I would have liked a slightly smaller tail, but I didn’t wrap enough yarn and trimming the pom-pom any further would have exposed the binding too much! 😦


This is actually pretty self-explanatory from the pictures, so just a few notes here:

  • For the ears, if it isn’t clear from the pictures, I folded the lower edge in half to create that ear shape and to help with propping them up. You can play around with the actual position of the ears.
  • For the arms, I stuffed them and flattened the base, which I then attached in a vertical manner, so that they have very little movement vertically but can be moved horizontally easily for hugs! 🙂
  • I also chose to attach the arms slightly towards the front, rather than right at the sides. Again, you can attach them any way you like! If you chose to make the sweater, you will need to figure out the exact arm position anyhow by trying the sweater on a few times.
  • Embroidering the face: I used Pinterest for inspiration and to get a better feel of how I wanted the face to look like, in terms of position of the eyes and nose, so just go nuts. Instead of embroidering, button eyes and even nose could work too, but are not suitable for small children (choking hazard!).

This is roughly what the bunny should look like


  • CO 6 sts
  • k iCord style until piece measures approx. 2.5 cm
  • Bind off
  • Weave in the ends. If the edges look wonky, use the opportunity to tie down any stubborn protruding areas. The back may look pretty ugly, with the lose iCord stitch and possibly bound down corners, but don’t worry! The backside won’t be visible anyhow.
  • Bind the middle of the bow tie as tight as you can and tie a knot. Then attach the bow tie either by sewing it to the neck or simply by tying the ends around the neck.

As you can see, it looks quite cute with just the bow tie, too!


  • CO 44 sts
  • k1, p1 (1×1 ribbing) for 2 rounds (knit in the tail as you go)
  • k in stockinette (still in the round) until piece measures approx. 3,5 – 4 cm*
  • k18*, turn and knit those 18 sts flat in stockinette for approx. 2 – 2,5 cm*
  • Clip yarn
  • Attach working yarn to the remaining 26 sts* and knit flat in stockinette for the same length as the other side.
  • Rejoin the front and back by doing a 3 needle bind off over the next 4 sts of both the front and back [36 sts]
  • k1, p1 (1×1 ribbing) until 4 sts remain on the front piece (or if you somehow ended up on the back piece, that’s fine too. Just make sure you aren’t ribbing all the way around, yet). k4
  • Do another 3 needle bind off over the next 4 sts of the front and back [32 sts] then continue the k1, p1 until the end of the row
  • k1, p1 (1×1 ribbing) for one more row all the way around
  • Bind off in ribbing pattern

*Attention: As mentioned above under “Assembly” these stitch counts and measurements could vary depending on where you attached your arms exactly, so make sure to try on the sweater as you are making it, to make sure it fits!



The arms are optional, if you like the look of the vest better, by all means, call it a day 😉

  • Pick up sts around the side of the arm holes (it came down to 17 sts for me. Any less though and I think you will have trouble getting the arms through. I think 18 would have been ideal, so if you can find another stitch somewhere, all the better for you!)
  • k in the round in stockinette until arms measure approx. 2,5 cm
  • k1, p1 (1×1 ribbing) all the way around (note that, if you have an uneven number of stiches like me, you will need to have either 2 knits or 2 purls together somewhere. I made sure to have this on the bottom of the arm, where it is less noticeable.)
  • k1, p1 (1×1 ribbing) for one more round
  • Bind off in ribbing pattern
  • Clip yarn and sew in the ends closing any holes that may have formed around the shoulders or arms (or anywhere for that matter)

As you can see, I made one bunny sweater with sleeves and left the other as a vest.

Dress your bunny and enjoy the cuteness!

On a side note: Don’t they look like a gay bunny couple?

Hope you enjoyed this special feature! If you do happen to try to make some bunnies of your own, let me know how it went! And let me know if you have any questions 🙂


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