On the needles: 25 April

So ironically getting this yarn blog set up (and frankly obsessing about it a bit more than necessary) used up so much of my time that I actually got very little knitting done in the last week.

Here’s what I’m working on right now:


Can you guess what I am making? 😀

Ok ok, I’ll tell you: I’m making bunnies! No pattern to share here. I’m kind of just winging it… The two photos above are not one bunny in the process of being made, by the way. They are two separate bunnies. Without ears so far… As so many things I am making these days, they will go to Knit a Square.

Also, I am working on a soccer fan scarf for team Albania for the Euro Cup. Its double-sided color work and it is getting to the tedious part, which is why I actually haven’t touched it in over 2 weeks *guilty face*…


Again, please excuse the terrible image quality… I am very hopeful that my photos will be nicer once we move (one week to go!!).

In case you are unfamiliar with the Albanian flag, this is what the 2 edges of the scarf are supposed to look like (in the middle it will just spell “Albania”):

Albanian eagle with name

Zaka is the recipient’s last name BTW.

I used this really cool online pattern generator called Stitch Fiddle. If you need to chart anything, be it color work or lace or whatever, I highly recommend it! The only limitation I found was that it only goes up to 250 stitches wide and 250 rows tall, so I had to piece this into several separate charts… Oh well…

Hopefully, I will be a bit more productive next week!

What about you? What are you working on at the moment?


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