Afghans, Blankets, Throws

Stringspiration (yes, I love wordplay way too much – deal with it!) is where I feature some of my favorite patterns out there – regardless on whether or not I have actually made them!

This week I will be featuring Afghans, Blankets and Throws! So without further ado…

The Beekeeper’s Quilt


Ok, so as the name implies, this is technically a quilt, but this patterns is super popular for good reason!

It’s a fantastic way to use scrap yarn; Those hexagons are great mini projects for the knitter on-the-go; It looks fun to make; And most of all: so pretty!!

Design by: Tiny Owl Knits

Yarn Craft: Knitting

Price: USD 6,66

Available on: Ravelry



This beautiful lace pattern is available both for baby blanket size as well as for a throw. I’m a big fan of Tin Can Knits and I love the way they combined those colors for this version!

Design by: Tin Can Knits

Yarn Craft: Knitting

Price: USD 6,05

Available on: Ravelry

Granny Stripe Blanket


I love the more modern take on the granny blanket! And this should be super easy for a beginner to pull off! All you need is a little patience! 😉

Design by: Purl Soho

Yarn Craft: Crochet

Price: Free!

Available on: Purl Soho

Granny Square Mario Bedspread


This is just such an awesome and simple idea! And it can be adapted to your own 8-bit design!

Design by: Russ McAllister

Yarn Craft: Crochet

Price: Free!

Available on: Instructables

Super Simple Hexagon

super simple hexagon

As the name implies, these are super simple! I’ve made a baby blanket with a similar pattern before (which I saw a lady in a Chinese yarn shop work on – she taught me!) and these just come out so beautiful!

Unfortunately the blog where this was posted is no longer active and the multiple links to a new blog eventually lead me no where. 😦

Design by: Leanda

Yarn Craft: Crochet

Price: Free!

Available on: One Loop Short blog (as mentioned above, no longer active)

Vintage Wobble Afghan


This is such a beautiful pattern! Do I really need to say more?

It does appear to be a little more complex than your super basic crochet, so maybe not the pattern for a beginner.

What I really love is the story of how this pattern came to be!

Design by: Original by Great Aunt Ernestine, re-deciphered by Tamara Kelly

Yarn Craft: Crochet

Price: Free!

Available on: moogly

Lego Inspired Blanket


I have always been a huge fan of Lego, it’s the ultimate toy! So needless to say, I immediately fell in love with this pattern when I first saw it!

Design by: Alexi Westover

Yarn Craft: Crochet

Price: USD 12,10

Available on: Ravelry

Beautiful Blanket


Beautiful indeed! Even in a single color this blanket just looks so darn classy!!

Design by: Maaike van Koert from crejjtion

Yarn Craft: Crochet

Price: EUR 6,66

Available on: Ravelry (link in title) and Etsy

Flat Slip Stitch Granny Join


This isn’t technically a blanket pattern, but rather a joining technique that I recently learned. I really love this technique as this is so much less annoying to me than the traditional method of sewing together and looks nicer than other crochet joining methods I had used previously. The above photo is of a bunch of squares I made for Knit a Square made from 4 smaller squares each and joined with this method.

Instructions by: Joanne.L

Yarn Craft: Crochet

Price: Free!

Available on: Craft Passion

Disclaimer: None of these designs/patterns/techniques are by me and I do not have the copyrights to the instructions or the photos featured here. The copyright holders have granted me express permission to use their photos for this feature.

Also, except for the Flat Slip Stitch Granny Join, I have not tried any of these patterns (yet).

Have you tried any of these patterns and if so, what was your experience? Do you have afghan/blanket patterns that you would like to share? Also, did you enjoy this feature of stringspiration? What would you like to be strinspired (see what I did there?) by next? Let me know in the comments below! 🙂


  1. sueelaine

    Some beautiful designs here! Thanks for sharing 😊


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