Hello from Shanghai!

So I realized maybe some introductions beyond the about-me super basic stuff may be in order. Unfortunately I’m not very good at long introductions… but thanks to countless conversations, I’ve gotten good at answering confused questions, so I’ll do this FAQ style. 😛


Where are you from?

I’m German. But actually I am only half German. The other half is a minority in China. I won’t get into it more – not because I don’t want to be associated, but because I don’t want this site to get blocked in China. ‘Nouf said…

But having lived in China for the last 20 years, my German-ness is a bit limited anyways; Mostly to my love for boring beers (I just can’t quite find the same enthusiasm in craft beers that my husband displays – and that’s not for the lack of trying…). Other than that, I guess I’m a bit more of a third culture kid. English may not be my native language, but somehow I am now more comfortable speaking English than German. If I want to find my Chinese side, that would be a bit harder – mostly I guess it’s hard to find your Chinese side when you are reminded by everyone all the time that you are an outsider – because yeah – I don’t look Chinese. This is not meant as a complaint – we live a very privileged and sheltered life here!! It is just an observation…

So where am I from? Mostly Germany I guess… but kind of not… Sorry for the non-answer. Welcome to the confusion that is my life! It’s awesome! Basically I choose where I am from based on what suites me better in which situation. See? Awesome!

Ok, moving on…


What the hell are you doing in China?

Good question, hypothetical reader! I came to China as a kid with my mom and my sister after my parents got divorced. We moved here to temporarily get away from the heartache and be closer to her side of the family. And then we ended up liking it (not to mention that back in those days living in Beijing was still sooooo much cheaper – which is kind of important for a single mom!). So we stayed. And we stayed some more… And while my sister moved back to Germany after high school, I didn’t. So I stayed some more. And then I met my husband, who has been in China for even longer than me and so then I definitely stayed some more.

And before I knew it, 20 years have passed and I’m still here and we have no immediate plans to leave.

After 20 years in Beijing we did recently move to Shanghai for my husband’s job, so at least there was a bit of a change of scenery. Already loving Shanghai a lot (I never thought I would say that! I feel like a traitor!).

Right now we are still in temporary living quarters (service apartment – courtesy of my husband’s employer) but we will be moving in two weeks, so I can’t wait to have my yarn (which is in storage right now) and create my own little knitting room.


What do you do?

Right now? Not much, to be honest. I do some freelance design work mostly for my former employer. And now I blog… apparently…


What’s your situation at home?

Ok, so no one asks that… But I’ll (over) share anyways.

I’m married, closing in on our 2nd anniversary, but have been with my guy for like 10 (11??) years altogether. He is well trained in admiring my yarn projects (I think deep inside he couldn’t care less, but he makes an effort).

We also have a dog; his name is Jason. Not much to say here, except, isn’t he cute?IMG_2703

Oh also, since this is a bit of a life-consuming topic personally: We’re trying to have a baby. I have full-blown baby fever. You should see this more as a disclaimer… My desperation seeps through to every aspect of my life… Sorry…


What’s your point?

Do I really need a point? I think I don’t… Also, notice how I didn’t mention my yarn/knitting/crochet obsession here. I don’t think I need to justify that. I’m assuming if you found your way here, you probably get it! 🙂


But enough about me, why don’t YOU introduce yourself in the comments? Who are you? What’s going on with your life? Or, if you like, just say hi! 😛


  1. I totally get it 🙂 Found your blog in my desperate seeking of good yarn stores i China. I am from Denmark but moved to Tianjin almost exactly 1 year ago. I think I have just about found all the yarn “stores” there is in Tianjin, but next week my best friend and partner in yarn-crime is coming to visit and I plan on taking her to Beijing to see if we have better luck on the yarn-store-front there. I’m sad to see that you are not using your blog anymore (I’m kind of on the same page with that also) but I hope for you, that it is because your baby-dreams has come true 🙂


  2. Great intro! I have been to China a couple of times and love it. Beijing first time to visit a friend and then Shanghai where I got engaged. So I have a lot of love for the country. My friend has since moved back to Scotland after ten or so years there, but I hope to visit again in the future if I get the chance. x


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